Can I make a special request on my order?

The answer is yes. We work all the time with customers who has special requests or special commissions.  For an example, if you  want to buy one of our busts but with different clothing or display base, we can do this.  Or maybe you want something uniqe like a specific character or prop that you can´t find among our products.  Then we are talking about a full commission.  We will find the best solution with your idea´s and thoughts to aim for the best satisfaction.
Depending on the level of modification on a existing product it may cost extra or less. 

What does a full commission means?

A full commission means that you want something uniqe, like a specific character  or replica that you always wanted and can´t find among our products or elsewhere.

Lets say you want us to create a human bust of a famous person or a creature of your choice. To be able start the commission we will have to make some sketches upon your ideas and design. Then sculpt the bust from scratch in clay, which normally takes 6-10 weeks to complete depending on how busy we are at that time.   Every second week we will update you with images for your satisfaction until we have reached a final result that we are both happy with. 

When the bust sculpture has been completed it is time for molding which takes around 1-2 weeks for a normal bust size to complete. After the mold has been created we will make a first master pull from the mold and update you with pictures before we continue the painting process.  You have to have in mind that this info all depends on what material you want your bust to be finished in.
Are we talking about a bust finished in resin, silicone, latex/rubber or maybe bronze?     
When placing an order on a special commission we would like to have a 30% deposit down payment which is not refundable.  Once the sculpture has been completed and ready for shipping, we want the rest of the amount to be paid. 

Why does it take so long to receive my order?

All the products are mostly hand made by two artists, Björn and Annica Elmart.  And normally we work with 10-20 orders per month,  sometimes more, but also with special projects or events that takes longer to complete.
We treat every order with the same care and attention to detail.

What methods of payment do you accept? 

We accept PayPal, Bank transferings and gift coupons for international buyers.
Regarding customers in Sweden, we accept payments with Bankgiro, Banköverföring, Paypal, Payson and Swish.  

We do not offer refunds, although if your item gets lost or damage during shipping and you have added an extra insurance with the order then we will offer you the full amount in refund as an insurance or repairment solution depending on the damage.  So we do recomend that you always choose to add extra insurance when choosing the shipping method etc.
All our products are being shipped out with tracking service, either by airmail or Sea.

I was told that my order would arrive within 6-8 weeks but it took longer, Why?

We are two persons running Elm-Studios AB and we handle every single aspect of the production process 95% ourself, which also includes answering customer emails, web-marketing and shipping of course. We always aim to ship your order within the timeframe. However, the volume of orders we receive can vary greatly depending on what time of year it is,  so it's possible you may have to wait a bit longer, but you will be informed otherwise.  

Any more questions? Please let us know!