Have quick look at our Youtube channel and watch how our Life size R2-D2 was built by our new artist Robert Bartok.  

We want to welcome Robert Bartok to Elm-Studios.  A talented artist from Arvika who has a huge interest and background in making life size robots and replicas.  We are looking forward to this collaboration with many new projetcs in future.   

Now you can watch us in action creating portraits on Youtube. Dont forget to subscribe.
Click the image above to visit our channel. Enjoy!

A few weeks ago, just before Christmas we had our first sculpting course/session in Karlshamn, Sweden at our studio near Kreativum.  We were a nice group of five people and we had alot of fun.  
To be honest it was a bit scary in the beginning to be the teacher in front of everyone, but as soon as i applied the first layer of clay I felt calm again. LOL:)
To my students, we want to thanks you guys, and hope you learned something.

We will soon gather a new sculpting/course, but also a moulding couse for those who are interested.  Send us an email or message through Elm-Studios Facebook if you want to learn how to sculpt and mould.  

Not so long ago during the visit in LA, we sold our life size sculpture of Doug Bradley as Pinhead from Hellraiser to non other than (HCG) Hollywood Collectors Group.  So if you are interested in purchasing this iconic bust, you must visit 

Elm-Studios made their first appearance at Monster Palooza FX show, Pasadena, LA in april 2016.  We had a fantastic experience that weekend, as we met a lot of new clients and hundreds of talented artists and big celebrities.
Warm thanks to our close friends, Rafael Robledo jr for all the help, also thanks to Jason & Johanna Lewis as well as Ricardo Amescua, we could not have done it without you guys. 

On the 16th of december we will have a booth at Centrumbiografen, Ronneby in Sweden.  Come and see statues, busts and replicas from the Star Wars saga.

Ultimate "Alien vs Predator" Home theatre room

We finished the amazing home theatre room in Kalmar, south east of Sweden, for a true Alien fan a while back. Not so long ago the house went out for sale, and man what a HUGE news that became worldwide thanks to Facebook. CLICK ON THE IMAGE GALLERY BELOW!



Statues for the      grand opening


We finished a huge statue project for Centrumbiografen in Ronneby, Sweden.  And we had a lot of fun working on this project with a great result in the end.  On the grand opening alot of people came, even Bruce Wayne as Batman with his Batmobile....How cool is that :)


Björn Elmarts new evil Emperor portrait is taking shape at the sculpting table.  Using wed clay on a wooden foam armature. 
More news on this soon.

A life size severed head of Pamela Voorhees from the classic Friday the 13th is being made, so look for more updates soon! 

Commission:  Life size Jason portrait in wed clay from the third movie.  Which will be finished casted in resin, dressed and placed on a display.  Look for more updates!

We have a very busy and full working table with many orders right now.  Several of new sculptures in progress that will be finished later 2017.  One of them is a life size portrait of Bruce Campbell as Evil Ash from  the Evil Dead saga.  look for updates soon on this bad boy.

 Our 1:1 "Camp Killer" v.7 in progress.  

Working on our 1:1 "Furry Friend" figure which will be completed later this year.
More info soon!  Jamm Jamm!


Is your figure need in a need
of a new paintjob? Maybe it got damaged or needs a better paintjob. Send us your figure, bust or replica. We fix anything to your satisfaction.