Elm-Studios AB is specialised in realistic life size statues, busts, exclusive figures, costumes, prop replicas and art. We are working with materials such as clay, resin, silicone, wood, metal, latex, fiberglass, bronze and fabrics.  
Our work contains technics such as sculpting, molding, casting, painting, drawing, sewing and electronics.  We offer very exclusive pieces for companies, events, collectors, movie-industries, celebrities, theatres, cafés, restaurant and muséums worldwide.  We do not massproduce as each item are being handmade as a very limited piece of art.  We accept commissions and special requests so feel free to contact us.

Resin helmet in painting progress
Our new "Camp Killer bust" in sculpting progress Our new "Camp Killer bust" in sculpting progress
Cutting and sanding Jason hockey masks

Our goal is always to aim high on the level of details and finish.  
But also to work with the customer during the process by listening to thier ideas and suggestions to achive the best possible result.